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Porridge beans in beef stock
Porridge beans in beef stock

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Porridge beans in beef stock Recipe

To cook porridge beans in beef stock you only need 8 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you do that. Preptime: 36 Minutes Cooktime: 53 Minutes Serve: 1 Persons Nutrition: 201 calories.

The ingredients needed to prepare porridge beans in beef stock :

  1. Use 3 cup beans
  2. Use 2 cube maggi
  3. Prepare 1 onion bulb(chopped)
  4. Prepare 5 fresh pepper(blended)
  5. Use 3 tablespoon crayfish(blended)
  6. Take 1 little bunch spinach(sliced)
  7. Use 4 serving spoon meat stock
  8. You need 1 /2 cup palm oil

Instructions to make Porridge beans in beef stock :

  1. Wash and boil beans with pressure pot for 15min.wash and drain beans
  2. Place a clean pot on heat,add palm oil,onion pepper and fry for 3 min
  3. Then add meat stock,crayfish,salt and maggi then pour the beans and stir very well allow for more 10 min
  4. Then add spinach immediately turn of heat.
  5. The steam will cook the spinach so yummy i love this meal my frd is so so in love with it.

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