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Mucbipollo Recipe

To make mucbipollo you only need 17 ingredients and 16 steps. Here is how you achieve it. Preptime: 34 Minutes Cooktime: 50 Minutes Serve: 2 Persons Nutrition: 102 calories.

The ingredients needed to make mucbipollo :

  1. Use leaves Banana
  2. Take Dough
  3. Use 4 cups Maseca tortilla flour
  4. Get 100 g achiote
  5. Take 150 g lard
  6. Use to taste Salt
  7. You need Filling
  8. Get 500 g chicken
  9. Provide 500 g pork (shoulder)
  10. Use 1 cup Maseca tortilla flour
  11. You need 50 g achiote
  12. Get 50 g lard
  13. You need To taste salt
  14. You need To taste pepper
  15. Take 2 bay leaves
  16. Provide 100 g onion
  17. Provide 100 g tomato Roma

Steps to make Mucbipollo :

  1. Put pork and chicken into boiling water and season to taste (salt, pepper, bay leaves)
  2. Mix flour with water and salt until it becomes actual dough
  3. Lightly heat the lard and add achiote and mix until lard becomes red and strain the remaining achiote
  4. Keep on mixing the mass adding little by little the red lard until it is soft and not sticky
  5. Put the banana leaves through a bit of fire until they soften a bit.
  6. Put the banana leaf into the container you will use for baking
  7. Spread the dough on the banana leaf (not too thick). Make sure that it is deep to hold the filling
  8. Mix the chicken and pork broth with a cup of the tortilla flour, achiote and lard. Add the flour little by little and keep stirring with low heat for 15 minutes until it becomes thick. If it is not too thick, add a bit more flour. This is called Ko'ol
  9. Cut raw tomato and onion
  10. Shred the chicken and pork, mix with the onion AND tomato AND add as filling to the spread dough
  11. Add the Ko'ol as a second layer of filling.
  12. Spread more dough on another banana leaf. This is going to be the cover for the Pib, so make sure it is same-ish size as the container.
  13. Carefully put cover on top of the Pib.
  14. Put the pib on the oven at 400 F for 1.5 Hours
  15. Take off the oven. Make sure it is crispy. If it is then serve.
  16. Add some habanero with lime and enjoy.

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