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Fresh Indonesian Salad (Trancam)
Fresh Indonesian Salad (Trancam)

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Fresh Indonesian Salad (Trancam) Recipe

You can have fresh indonesian salad (trancam) using 13 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook it. Preptime: 27 Minutes Cooktime: 36 Minutes Serve: 1 Persons Nutrition: 251 calories.

The ingredients needed to prepare fresh indonesian salad (trancam) :

  1. Get 150 gram young coconut gaterd
  2. Get 100 Cabbage finely sliced
  3. You need 100 gram Been sprouts
  4. You need 100 gram Long been
  5. Take Handfull Leaves Basil
  6. Take 1 Cucumber
  7. Provide 1 red chilies
  8. Get 5 bird's eye chillies (optional)
  9. Take 3 cloves garlic
  10. Use 1 tablespoon sugar
  11. Take 1 teaspoon salt
  12. Take 1 teaspoon galangal (kaempferia galangal powder)
  13. Prepare 3 kaffir lime leaves

Steps to make Fresh Indonesian Salad (Trancam) :

  1. Blend the garlic, red chili, cayenne pepper, kencur (kaempferia galangal), kafir lim leaves, after smooth mixing the spices into young coconut grated.
  2. All vegetables are washed clean, finely sliced, except basil. mix all vegetables with spices until blended - Serve immediately.
  3. Note : if you like spicy put some more bird's eye chillies but if you don't like or you can't eat spicy just put 2 bird's eye chillies, my level of spicy is very high 😀.

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