Aishwarya Rai Diet Plan

December 13, 2016

Aishwarya Rai is an angel in disguise. The diva came on the planet on 1st of November, 1973. This Indian origin actress is a fairly popular name in abroad too because she won Miss World 1994 and has made several international appearances so far. Her acting career began with a Tamil movie and it kept on expanding till she became the most stunning actress of Bollywood.

Aishwarya has always been appreciated for her work and fashion picks but she was highly criticised and judged for putting on a lot of weight post the delivery of first child. To come back with a bang with her next A rated flick by Dharma production “ Aae Dil hai Mushkil“, she tried a mix of everything to bounce back into the shape and she definitely stunned the critiques.


Her main attention lies on her diet because she hates doing extra workout. Being a mother of one, she is still in a recommendable shape which is not only visibly attractive but also healthy and fit from within.  The idea of her diet is to eat something light and healthy after every two hours.

Here is a breakdown of her diet:

Early Morning 

It’s very important to start your day with healthy food, she makes sure that she has a healthy start with warm water and lemon and honey syrup. It’s not only good for healthy skin but basically detoxifies your body and keep it clean. 


She then takes a breakfast which is all about sandwiches made up of brown bread slices and wholewheat oats. 

In Between Snacks:

To follow her principle of eating in between she relies on fresh fruits (there is no favourite food but she prefers fruits as per season) along with nuts like almonds, peanuts or walnut.  



With wheat made rotis she takes boiled veggies or boiled dal. The reason she takes boiled veggies instead of any other form is that they are full of vital nutrients when simply boiled and easy to digest. Boiled vegetables doesn’t exhaust your energy much.


She avoids non vegetarian content the entire day but to makeup at night she takes grilled fish and brown rice. Fish comes as the only source of essential omega 3 fatty acids in her diet.

The basis thing she emphasis on to enjoy the benefits of this diet is to reduce or curb the hunger pangs that gets induced, you can try minimum of 8 glasses of water, this habit not only keeps her hunger free but is a must if your profession demands you to be hydrated 24 into 7. She has many a time termed this habit of hers as the main reason as to why she has great hair which are not only voluminous but also naturally smooth. Wanna know Deepika Padukone Real Diet Plan

Basic takeaways from her diet can be as follows;

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